beware ... kewl scam: Revision

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Any body can find this info using google and a few clicks ...

The sales pitch:


the bonuses mentioned in that post are new.. additional to the $10 signup bonus.. the office hours had to be placed here.. some expect their bonuses to be added instantly (or within minutes) when joining.. despite the fact that they might be joining in what is the middle of the day for them.. but middle of the night for us.. and despite the fact we clearly state onsite to allow 24hrs lol (some of us often miss little details like that)..

..and we thought it might help you to know that MyFreeMoneyMatrix is a jv with Your Action$ Pay..and that kewlpayHYiP is part of a bigger network..

actually we own/operate web properties including but not limited to: kewlpay (pay processor) kewlpayAdX (ad credits-based pay processor), kewlpayAbS (paid Auto (banner) surf -earn surf credits, ad credits and banner exchange credits)... plus kewlnet (our international home portal), icastcentral (radio and tv, plus free forums and chatrooms host), bloggerdream(blog host), kewlmates(friendship & b2b networking), kewlbrits(uk visp, BBC Broadband Partner & web portal), carialert(missing person/pet online alert system) , theblasterbot (not just a blog and list blaster but a complete referral engine) .. we also own 2 banner exchanges, 2 traffic exchanges and 2 startpage exchanges..

oh..and of course we pay our members!


If you search for details of the sites mentioned by 'kewlkash' including 'kewlmates', you'll find a few things (you certainly will not find any legitimate association with "BBC Broadband"), including this:

Beware of anything promising money for nothing, even if it associates itself with Poker gaming or missing persons work carried out with the police or FBI or CIA.


Kewl = Con.


You have been warned.