GooGle Analytics: Revision

We have 3 nice plugins for google analytics


1. Google Analytics by Jerome Bakker

2. Google analytics and adsense by Team Webgalli

3. Google Tools by Evan Winslow


  • Embedding Google Waves
  • Verifying your site for Google Webmaster Tools
  • Tracking pageviews with Google Analytics


4. A piwik open source analytics plugin by Christian Schneider

(not google - piwik)


Being so all of these, I suppose.. adds the google analytics code in to the base of the page.

and even if u dont use these plugins we already have a elgg default analytics placeholder in the footer.php

But Google now after introducing the "Asynchronous Tracking Code" suggest that you place the analytics code "onto every page you want to track immediately before the closing </head> tag..."

Google advocates Asynchronous Tracking Code over traditional analytics code stating many benefits such as Faster overall page load time. Improved collection for short visits to rich media or script-heavy pages. Collecting (and retaining) user clicks that occur before the tracking code loads Google still supports the traditional analytics code "setup is optional. We'll continue support for the traditional JavaScript snippet"

But still if one needs to have all those additional benefits google offers.. ,

How and where should this be added in elgg to get all the benefits google says ?

Answering this question can help anyone going up this way thru elgg superhighway...


HaPPy ElGGInG :)

Do GooD :)