Small Fixes: Revision

Last updated by SGr33n

Hi people,

Customizing Elgg I found a few things to fix.

I'd like to share them with you.
Here we go (updated):

  1. mod/bookmarks/views/default/widgets/bookmarks/view.php
    "bookmark inbox" hardcoded
    search: echo "<a href=\"{$user_inbox}\">Bookmark inbox</a>";
    replace with: echo "<a href=\"{$user_inbox}\">" . elgg_echo('bookmarks:inbox') . "</a>";
  2. mod/status/views/default/status
    save & cancel buttons hardcoded
    search: <input type="button" id="status_save_button" value="Save" />
                <input type="button" id="status_cancel_button" value="Cancel" />

    replace with: <input type="button" id="status_save_button" value="<?php echo elgg_echo('save'); ?>" />
                         <input type="button" id="status_cancel_button" value="<?php echo elgg_echo('cancel'); ?>" />
  3. mod/groups/views/default/groups/forum_latest.php
    • "Replies" hardcoded (added to language files)
    • Error counting replies (one more):
      search: $count_annotations = $f->countAnnotations("group_topic_post");
      replace with: $count_annotations = $f->countAnnotations("group_topic_post");
                           $count_annotations = $count_annotations -1;
  4. mod/google-map/languages/en.php
    search: 'gmap:modify' => 'Enter your Google Maps API Key<br /><small>You can obtain an API Key <a target="_blank" href="">here</a&gt;.',
    replace with: 'gmap:modify' => 'Enter your Google Maps API Key<br /><small>You can obtain an API Key <a target="_blank" href="">here</a></small&gt;.',
  5. mod/messageboard/views/default/widgets/messageboard/view.php
    no message when empty
    search: echo "<div id=\"messageboard_wrapper\"></div>";
    replace with: echo "<div id=\"messageboard_wrapper\">" . elgg_echo('messageboard:nocomments') . "</div>";
  6. mod/messageboard/views/default/widgets/messageboard/group_messageboard.php
    no message when empty
    echo "<div id=\"messageboard_wrapper\" /></div>";
    replace with: echo "<div id=\"messageboard_wrapper\" />" . elgg_echo('messageboard:nocomments') . "</div>";