Professional Services

Professional Services

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Find people / companies who offer professional services on Elgg development. Like customization, translation, plugin / theme development, installation and migration.


Buyers :

  • You can request offers by opening a new thread for a project you need help on. Try to be descriptive on thread titles, so Elgg developers can identify the project from the title.
  • Once you have completed / no more interested in the project, please state it in the thread, to inform new sellers.
  • To prevent spam; if you wish to post a link to your project definition, please at least state what the project is about, and only use links to individual projects on known coder rental sites, or to Elgg community groups specially opened for your individual projects.
  • Consider using group abbreviations in titles where possible, this makes your titles more readable, and sellers interested in a specific area can scan your title faster. Eg. instead of;
    "I'm looking for a good programmer who can make me a calendar addon", you can write
    "NC - Calendar addon". (see "group abbreviations" below)

It's always free to ask for offers. And there are some nice people in the community who may point you the right direction if your problem already has a solution.

For addons, it's a good idea to find other people interested in a similar functionality. This lowers the cost per party, and makes it easier to afford more functionality. Also it may be a good idea to scan existing requests from time to time, you may find a request that you are also interested in.

You may consider sharing the finished product to help the Elgg community and 3rd party development. This also makes it possible for people to make improvements on it in time, with no additional cost on your side!

If you're considering to pay for info; we are a community, and the information is free most of the time. Even some nice people can make a tutorial on a subject you need if you ask it nicely. But you may consider paying for a long or a specific subject, which nobody is willing to write a tutorial on.

If you need hosting; please remember has a list of approved hosting services. If you're looking for more alternatives, have some specific requirements, or need user reviews, you may consider asking it here.


Sellers / Service providers :

  • Please don't open new threads to list your information and paid services. Instead you can reply to help request threads or send private messages.
  • If you've made a bid with a private message, can't get a reply, and you think the request is no more attended by the user, please post a message to the related project's thread to help the rest of the community.

We highly recommend you to turn on email notifications -here- for this group to get notified about new requests and offers.


Group Abbreviations :

NC  -  Need Coding for customizations, addons, migration etc.
NT  -  Need a Theme / design
NS  -  Need someone to Setup Elgg / addons etc.
NI  -  Need Info; someone to teach, make a tutorial, give specific info etc.
NH  -  Need Hosting
LF  -  Looking for...
PCL  -  Project closed; buyer is no more interested in or has choosen someone for the project.
PEX  -  Project expired; no response (public or private) from the buyer for more than a month.


Notes :

Please don't send posts to promote 3rd party broker sites / groups, which will be classified as spam.

This group is English language only, please try PM if you wish to reply a poster in your native.

Illegal requests like hacking and software piracy are not allowed.

All feedback / suggestions are welcome.


Brief description: Get / offer professional help on Elgg; like customization, design, development, setup, hosting... Illegal trades are not allowed.