A powerful open source social networking engine

Stable Release - March 20, 2016

Elgg 2.1.1 (changelog) is the latest and recommended version of Elgg.

You can alternately clone our starter project repo and install with composer.

LTS Release - May 29, 2016

Elgg 1.12.10 (changelog) is the recommended release if using Elgg 1.12.

Elgg is available under a dual license, GPL Version 2 and the MIT license. The plugins are only available in the GPL release and so have been removed from the MIT release.

Download: 2.1.1 MIT version

Download: 1.12.10 MIT version


If you are looking for somewhere to host your Elgg powered network, we are putting together a list of providers who have added Elgg hosting to their services.

A2 graphic

Arckcloud Hosting

Arvixe Hosting

Developer Access

If you're a developer and want the latest code you can grab the latest work in progress through GitHub: