email problem with registration with all

i have a problem when someone register an account with

i don't understand why no email is sended.

is there an answer?

has someone else this kind of problem?

thanks in advance!

  • Are you sure no email is sent or that it wasn't received ?

    We are getting reports about some kind of problem with yahoo. One of our admin accounts used yahoo up until 4 days ago when yahoo decided to change the account address from a dot com to a dot es. This ensured that the admin didn't receive any notifications from our site. We are looking into this as yahoo seems to have some other problems with elgg.

    Have you tested this with any other email services e.g. gmail,, yahoo. This is a big problem with us as we have a 40% drop out rate from registration to activation that is a huge amount. We can only surmise that our registration system has some sort of problems associated with it. This has occurred since we first started with elgg and we have gone threw 4 versions and 2 different servers this suggests that it isn't version or server specific.

  • "We can only surmise that the registration system has some sort of problems associated with it"

    Why is that? Elgg simply sends registration emails. It does not deliver them (that is up to your hosting provider and the email providers it is communicating with) nor is it responsible for clicking on the confirmation links on the delivered emails (that is up to your users).

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Elgg has nothing to do with delivering emails or how your users respond to those emails. If you are having email problems, you need to look elsewhere. A good hosting provider will work with you to resolve email delivery problems.

  • @Kevin

    We are not suggesting that this is an elgg software related problem, but some problem within our registration system. We have never really been able to pin point the problem. At first I put it down to the fact that most of our registration comes from kids and maybe they are messing it up, but 40% seems excessive even for this. It is a problem for us that we have never been able to pinpoint or we would fix it

    P.S. I have change the "the" to our to avoid confusion on what I actually meant

  • OK, thanks for the clarification.

    I've managed a fairly large confirmed opt-in list (200 thousand subscribers) in the past and have found that about a 20% failure-to-confirm rate is common. This can be reduced somewhat with a reminder message sent a few days later - perhaps a good opportunity for a simple cron plugin?

    I'd agree that 40% is excessive - this could either be a delivery problem involving your hosting provider (many cheap ones are not set up properly for reliable email delivery) or confused users. At least with confused users you can tweak the registration page and the email message content and see if that improves the confirmation rate.

  • Kevin

    excellent idea I'll idea I'll give it a whorl

    Back to the original topic I would think if you tested OK with other email providers e.g. yahoo gmail etc .it is not your registration or your server but something simple wrong with

  • @Kevin Jardine I have the same problem and i use arvixe hosting, that it supposes that it is recomended by elgg, now i release that it is just a cheap hosting that doesnt really support an aplication like elgg for a real or even a demo site.

    A recomendation for elgg team, remove arvixe from your list of hosting services that you recomend, its just a cheap hosting service that doesnt support an aplication like elgg needs, many people think that arvixe really support elgg as you claim, but is not, and i think that this is a dirty trick, and you are abusing of the good will of people that trust you.