advanced insite search


i tried a various ways tu get used in using the search function, but it seems like it is not possible to combine words, for example if i am looking for "plugin groups" it shows nothing if i search word by word i get results.

one wich comes up in both querries is

is tehre something on the roadmap somewhere :-)






  • I couldn't second this loud enough - even if you're only implementing it on  For example, while doing development, it's beyond frustrating to try to find all written documentation on a function like elgg_echo("dashboard:nowidgets");

    (search should cache wiki content, developer docs, groups, plugins, etc)

  • Agreed, and also can't emphasis how important an advanced search is for us.

  • Put me down for another vote, advanced search would be very helpful. Is there a way to leverage and integrate a search engine for now? I found this using Google.