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Hi All,

Whilst still learning as much as there is to learn about elgg, having already installed many plugins / widgets on my own site and knowing most other elgg'ers will be doing the same it has got me thinking.

Whilst it is brilliant to have such an active developer / plugin providing community as elgg is building nicely, it is somewhat a logisical nightmare the more plugins one has installed on their site.

To keep up to date with many plugins requires contantly scouring dozens of saved bookmarked pages, sometime to find updated versions of our installed plugins and sometimes to find none.

Therefore I am thinking would this be something elgg could try to include in future versions of their platform, or would it be something that could be done as a plugin wrote on behalf of elgg and they install it on their Group pages system?

Some kind of brief registration system, that each time we download an actual plugin whether we install it or not, as the latter will normally be the case for most of us; we simply register either our email address and behind the plugin groups system here, it automatically emails out a simple "This plugin has an updated version at: (page url)"

This in my eyes seen as once we have downloaded the main elgg platform, we ALL utilise the plugins that are kindly written for us elgg'ers and it would stream line both elgg creator's administration of their platform, help enhance such a big part of it's future in the plugin writing and distribution, with the same time administration plugin writers have to put in to new version, explaining to us about new versions and answering Q's etc.... lastly to us elgg plugin downloader / adopters the same positive knock on effect as outlined above.

It is just a thought people, hopefully something that could make it's way somehow in to the elgg site's systems for all concerned and whilst it could take the above kind of form, somebody else maybe more experienced to come up with a better solution born out of my above thoughts.


  • I believe some plans for this feature will be developed by curverider in the future. I stumbled upon the next paragraph: may collect statistics about the behavior of visitors to its websites. For instance, may reveal how many downloads a particular version got, or say which plugins are most popular based on checks from, a web service used by Elgg installations to check for new versions of Elgg and plugins. However, does not disclose personally-identifying information other than as described below.

    Found it on

  • @ Jeroen - One can but hope as I do believe my thoughts / concerns above if brought about in an elgg future version could substantially cut down the amount of time taken to administrate our site's development with the plugins and when they are update by the plugin developers. We shall see and keep our fingers crossed. :)