Considering Elgg, adding features

Hi all,

I currently have a Ning social network, but plan to transition away from it because they recently constrained customization options significantly (no longer "open source" beyond CSS). Elgg looks like a promising platform in that it is open source and active. Before I jump in, I'm hoping someone could comment on how hard it would be to implement the following functionality in Elgg, or if it's already there. Here are some features I'd like to see:

  1. Importing of as much user data from the Ning site as possible. I want to minimize how much needs to be done manually. There are almost 700 users on the Ning site already.
  2. Multiple user types beyond general users and admins. I'd like to have different types of users, each of which have different profile information, appearance, etc.
  3. Some form of integration with a Word Press blog. Ideally, I'd like to have a landing page that revolves around some entries from a blog, along with network activity, groups, etc.
  4. User reviews. The site is about wine, so an area for users to post wine reviews would be great. A forum is not exactly ideal, but a forum system could be co-opted for this purpose assuming general forums could still operate as usual.
  5. Mass invitations of users, administrator subscription of users.
  6. Allowing administrators to assign users to groups.

I could probably think of more but that will do for now. Thanks for any feedback!