Fatal Error Exception #1342161062 messageboard/add

When a user publishes a post on the wall of another get error:

Error Fatal
An unrecoverable error has occurred and has been logged. Contact the site administrator with the following information:
Exception #1342161062.

in dominio.com/action/messageboard/add

Does not occur with the administrator user


  • @lucasbxl I will try the fix your proposing, hopefully it will resolve the adding messageboard posts problem.

    Also I noticed when commenting on posts it appears below the original post and again on on top. You say you're having some luck, did you fix this as well then? Happy elgging! :)

  • @dummi05:

    Hello, indeed, I'm not experiencing this problem no more. I wrote what I did on this post :

    I just commented add_to_river('river/annotation/generic_comment/create', 'comment', $user->guid, $entity->guid, "", 0, $annotation); at the line 59 of the file elgg/actions/comments/add.php.

    Please let let know if it works for you :]

  • @lucasbxl I think it worked! There is no fatal error when posting on someone's wall, except there is then no option to reply to the post. Do you have the same? There is an option to reply to a status-post. Weird. But for now, the messageboard thing seems to work, as well as a new reply to a status-post doesn't show up twice. Great work!

    By the way, the "like" option is gone...

  • @dummi05 That's awesome that the fatal error is gone!

    I really don't know much about the elgg architecture yet, so I'm still with those other problems (no like button and no reply comment). As soon as I get back home tomorrow I'll keep trying and will sure let you know if I manage to do something else. I'll post on the theme's thread.

    Any other help is certainly appreciated!

  • Ok I hope you succeed! I'm sorry I cannot be of any assitance, because I know nothing about programming or stuff like that :s I will follow your postings, the one you mention is the 'old' cool theme though (version 1.0), but you probably knew that already.

    Cheers and good luck

  • @lucasbxl Thanks for fix this!

    The correct path is elgg/mod/messageboard/action/add.php (comment echo $output at the line 28)

  • @dummi05: Man, bad news about the messageboard, apparently you won't be able to add comments to it, since both are annotations and you can't annotate an annotation. If it's true, I'd deactivate the Messageboard and use only The Wire (theme would need to be edited on the profile pages).

    @Ve: Thanks for the correct path, indeed better idea than changing the core :)

    Well, I believe this topic is closed now. See you guys.


  • That's too bad! Then using only The Wire seems the best option indeed... Bummer.