Test Server & Setting Up For Updating To Future Elgg Versions Query?

Hi All,

Whilst I am probably doing this the wrong way around, as it's only just really hit me and hence my question to the community;

I have started building an elgg based site, it's not ready for launch as yet so it's kind of a test site vs. a live site depending on which way we look at this.

I have seen mentioned a little bit here and there some plugins are advised not to be installed on live sites and only test server sites, is there any easy step of instructions for how to setup an elgg based site on a test server (I use Dreamweaver) that would also explain how to "put" the test server site or pieces of it once tested and working to the current live site I am testing?

Also when we are all installing "Many" plugins that I believe some will be updated quite soon after a newer elgg version comes out, is there a specific way the elgg experienced users go about setting their site up both test one's and live one's? For ease of transition with any newer elgg versions and compatibility / quick updating for their plethora of plugins?

I hope the above is put across as easy as possible to understand and whilst it's an issue I am concerned about and wanting to get my setup the best way possible for future proofing, I have no doubt this should also if the answer's come back as definitive; it helps many other complete elgg newbies or recent one's like myself. This in turn helping all of us to minimise the amount of support required whenever newer elgg versions come out. :)


  • I put all my code in a svn repository (plugins and the base Elgg code - which normally has some personal patches). This allows me to keep track of what I moved onto the live server when. I only commit to the svn repository when I feel it is ready for the live server. I commit from my devel or test machine and then check it out on the live server.

    I mirror my data from the live server on a test server. There are instructions for that here: http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/DuplicateInstallation    and here: http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Move_site

    I also make sure that all emails on the test server are redirected so no one gets confused by emails generated by the test server.