With friend invitation duplicate emails are sent


I have PHPMailer installed with SiteAccess and InviteFriend modules.
When friends are invited, first of all, 2 emails are sent for everything (for request to activate the key and confirmation) and I guess maybe this happens because both PHPMailer hooks to email it as well as the built-in email sender in InviteFriend?

Another odd behavior I noticed is that because I have with SiteAccess the website locked down so that only registered and invited users can browse around then when the user clicks the confirmation link then the site access module give an error that the user has no access to this website.

Any of this happened to anyone?

  • Any of the invite friends plugins that I've seen have their own custom email sending code that talks directly to the php mail function. In that case, phpmailer is never called.

  • Thanks for the info, I figured as much but I wonder what causes the duplicate mail to be sent.

  • @liri, do you have a problem with one member typing in more than one address (one per line) in invitefriends and the e-mails not going out at all ? I've been having this problem. Would love to know how to fix. Sorry I can't be of help with your query.


  • I have liri's exact same problem, although my members get duplicate (2) emails with the"Lost password" functionality.

    I'm not using "invite friends" so I'm not sure if that also sends duplicates but I imagine it does.

    The plugins I have enabled that are likely related to this are:

    • uservalidationbyemail
    • siteaccess
    • phpmailer
    • vazco_groupmailer
    • mass_mailouts

    I'm using Elgg 5.0.

    I'm going to start investigating to see if I can figure out what exactly is causing this.

  • I'm retarded. 

    I didn't notice that the siteaccess plugin said here (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/shellcode/read/63879/site-access) that the uservalidationbyemail plugin must be disabled.

    That did the trick!