Changing the calendar view

Hi Kev, ur default style of calendar is sooo hard to use. I have to click left button about 60 times just to get to the year that i want. So here's a couple changes that maybe other users can use to just slightly improve ur calendar view (not a programmer so don't ask me anything, i wont be to answer it anyway)

1. (Necessary step or not i don't know) It takes the event calendar plugin, copy the datepicker.php to form/views/default/form/input

2. Go to form/models and edit field_types.php

3. copy this and put it under THIS (the one u copy)

   'calendar' => (object) array(
        'label'            => elgg_echo('form:profile_calendar_label'),
        'input_view'     => 'input/calendar',
        'output_view'     => 'output/calendar'

4. Edit it to this

   'datepicker' => (object) array(
        'label'            => elgg_echo('form:profile_datepicker_label'),
        'input_view'     => 'input/datepicker',
        'output_view'     => 'output/calendar'

The type of calendar used will be the ones like event calendar plug. In the output i still use calendar because if i change it to datepicker somehow it affects the siteaccess_demo plugin.

What this gives you;

Another type of field just under the calendar, and it uses the event calendar type of celendar


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Form and related plugins

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