Instant Messenger Plugin Development

What would it cost to have a custom plugin develop? I would like to use either Meebo or TokBox on my elgg site.

  • I see you can embed them in a web page so a quick workaround would be to create a web page on your web site with it embedded and link to that page through the spotlight box...

    or even put the embed itself into the spotlight box?

    Hmmmm... Okay having looked at both of them -  this definately has my interest. I'll see about setting up one of them up on my ELGG and let you know how I did it in a couple of days,

  • Quicker than I thought - though you may have to wait a while for Vazco to put up the plugins.

    Enough information in the idiots guide now to add external pages and embed something like Meebo or TokBox into an external web page.

    Am I the only one who keeps having his browser crash when ever I try to get the ToxBox embed?

  • I'd love to implement this but after reading your post Demyx and checking out the link, it mentions;

    "Beginning immediately, sites and developers with access to over 20K daily users can explore Meebo Community IM partnerships"

    So that means people setting up new social networks like a lot of fellow elgg'ers, and whom don't have 20k user traffic as yet daily due to being new sites can't have any Meebo feature?


  • @Rob

    i was aware of that but i didn't want to believe it lol, it doesn't hurt to shoot them an email and ask right?

  • @ Cim, Oh I quite agree and would normally myself but then I just thought I'd ask you if you were aware of that before I shot my email off to them lol... can I be cheeky... what sort of content did you put in your nice email to them? Surely you didn't just write them with "You have a service my users will make tons of use of" ? ;)

  • i went straight to the point and told them that i am very interested in using the meebo IM service

  • @ Cim, well I followed your lead and did the same, although I fear they will just push me / us to their free embedded chat rooms.

    So I played about with that side of things just to see what it's like and whilst it could do what I partially need for our site once launched, I fear big time our target market "Business Persons, B2B" etc ending up with general Meebo chatters from other Meebo global rooms joining the one(s) I create for my site.

    That naturally isn't the desired effect I want or need and their Meebo IM feature for me would be a killer feature to offer our users.

    We will both have to see what they come back with, keep me posted out of curiosity and I will do the same when / if I hear from them.


  • Worth a look at Integrates with multiple IM clients including Skype, an supports in  widget video conferenceing.

    We built a widget for this, but have never properly "polished" it, as there were some formatting incompatibilities betwen the widget and our theme, and the widget itself seemed like a work-in-progress. We used their google gadget, but be aware that their part line on this is:-

    The iGoogle gadget was designed by an imo fan and is not supported by our site, so if you are using the gadget you might run into some problems that don't normally occur through We would suggest logging in directly from the site, where you could sign on using pop-out mode and continue to browse freely. permalink   close

    Very promising though. Maybe if enoug people asked?


  • Hi keny, thank you for the valuable further input in to this thread. I think communication partially away from our elgg sites is a key application, it is just finding one that fits for the elgg community at large.

    To be able to have our site end users keeping in touch with their colleagues, friends and family at their own speed / need helps them feel using our elgg based sites is a must do, just as millions do with FB and the like.

    I will look in to Imo IM, having played with Meebo's free chat room but it not doing anywhere near as much what I know users would want compared to their Meebo IM feature but as mentioned a lot of us don't have 20k+ daily users which keeps us stumped.

    Will let you all know what I find / think of Imo IM soon.

    *edited* The link above keny gave has a zero instead of alphabetical O, so just giving the corrected url: