Elgg 1.8.5 Footer Question

Hello. I want to add a twitter button and facebook button in the footer (bottom right side) of my page. Where do i place the code for this?



  • current footer.php looks like this:


    echo elgg_view_menu('footer', array('sort_by' => 'priority', 'class' => 'elgg-menu-hz'));

    echo '<div class="mts clearfloat float-alt">';

    echo '</div>';

  • If you want to add it to the menu you can use elgg_register_menu_item('footer', $array)

    Look in the docs to see what your $array should contain.


    If you just want to add markup after the footer, you can extend the view:

    elgg_extend_view('page/elements/footer', 'myplugin/footer');


    Then place your code in views/default/myplugin/footer.php

  • well currently I have the 'Pages' plugin, so i was wondering if there was a quick and simple way to modifiy it from there

    www.idrnights.com bottom right corner in footer is what im talking about, under the links

    Thanks :)

  • and i want to put these buttons under the RSS button in the sidebar... any help?


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