Ignore User Function?

Hi All,

I have done a search on the plugins section and can't seem to come up with a previous plugin, therefore does anybody currently use or have a need for an "Ignore User / Member" function / plugin for their elgg site's, or is there an easy(ish) way of coding current elgg code to add this kind of feature maybe and that will offer the feature to all elgg own site users?


  • can you explain what this  ("Ignore User / Member") functionality is ? 

  • Well whilst we have a reporting feature within elgg based sites we're all creating, no doubt there may well be the need / requirement for ease of administering our sites to not get bogged down too much with petty user squabbling etc.

    Therefore I just wondered if there was a plugin or some form of code available to us all, that would enable our elgg based site members to actually "Ignore Member" and thus meaning the "Ignored Member" would not be able to interact in ANYWAY with the person who has chosen to select the "Ignore Member" feature?

  • A few questions for you Rob:

    Should a ignore work both ways? For example: I block you, and you can't see my profile and message me. And I can't see a thing from you?

    Should a ignored user be filtered out of all the output? The ignored user won't show in members, search, etc.

    Should all the content of the ignored user be filtered out too? So you can't see blogs, forum posts, etc.

    Or, is this ignore filter only so that that person can't send you messages.

    Just some thoughts :)

  • Hi Jeroen, some good question's you pose in your reply and having thought it through as fully as possible I have come to the following conclusion;

    User A has added User B as a Friend or User A doesn't know User B but keeps getting hassled from User B;

    User A with an Ignore User function can ignore User B;

    If User B leaves other users (Not User A) content within said elgg based site, then User A cannot be contacted ATALL by User B;

    Also User A would not be able to see User B and vice versa once either User A or User B had ignored said user;

    User A or B in effect no matter which had hit the ignore feature, cannot under any circumstances see ANY site activity.

    I feel whilst pretty much similar to how it seems FB conducts problem user interaction, this is something for both hobby / interest based elgg sites or business to business one's that would be a great feature both for the site admin and the end users and ultimately anything that aids elgg site admins to not have to get involved in end user day to day squabbling, will save valuable time for all concerned.

    Whilst end users can currently report certain elgg based site content, they cannot specifically ignore a user based upon anything like the above scenario that I am aware of.

    For me personally, I know that when my elgg based site is unleashed to the Business Networking population, whilst one wouldn't expect petty squabbling between end users, quite possibly there can be the possibility of generalised spamming upon success of social network sites. I would be setting as part of the site's structure for end users, what and where they can advertsise their products etc but away from those clearly defined zones would be a no no.

    This would then mean that anybody who decides to not read the T&C's, Site Usage Policy etc, and still decides to spam my sites users, can be ignored by end user individuals as per their own decision to do so but having that feature gives a lot of comfort for most Social Networking end users in my eyes?

    I hope the above is kept as straight forward as possible, to help you see where I was coming from in my thoughts. :)



    *P.S.* Just to show reason where my thoughts above about this kind of plugin came from;

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    2 minutes ago


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    $(document).ready(function () {
    // click function to toggle reply panel
    $('a.message_reply').click(function () {
    return false;

    Reply   Delete

    The above I have just been sent 5 times in the space of a minute or two and as much as they frustrate and annoy me, and countless others I don't want my site's end users to suffer the same aggravation on frequent ongoing basis'. :)