how do i know which plugin hook will be triggered by an Action

Hello, I am really new to elgg. currently, I am fixing a bug about searching functionality throughout a site(actually the plugin is Search).

I am currently stucking with a strange incident that when i search an user's name to retrieve any posts of the user(e.g. Courses uploaded by the user), i found that for some users, i can search out his/her post, for others, i can't...when i troubleshooted this problem, i did find some extra plugin hooks are invoked for some users whose posts can be found.

my question is that how do i know how many and what plugin hooks will be triggered by an Action, in my case, the action is a Search submit.

I actually cannot find "trigger_plugin_hook" for the hooks got called...Are there any other ways to trigger a plugin hook besides "trigger_plugin_hook"? The user and the user's posts have different guids, how can i associate them?

Hope i describe my problem clearly.

Thanks for any advices~


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Beginning Developers

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