Being Thrown Out of Admin Area Constantly

I just reinstalled Elgg on my test server and remembered that, last time I deleted it, I did so after doing a lot of setting it up.  But I could not remember why I deleted it after putting that time into it.  Now I do... 

How do I stop this script from throwing me out of the administration area every that time I make even the slightest change?

  • Do you happen to use some extension/plugin in your browsers that suppresses sending referrers? Normaly, you should get redirected to the page the referrer points to, i.e. the current page should reload or you might get directed to a specific page. But if the referrer is suppressed by the browser you will get redirected to the index page of your site.

  • Just as a note, I changed the title so it relates to the question. Also, iionly is correct, Elgg uses the referrer in many of its actions.

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