I'd really appreciate it if anyone is willing to share enough lore for to help me install a facicon on my Elgg site. I've got a cute one working with our MediaWiki and Moodle sites, but Elgg's PHP coding specs are different enough that I haven't been able to figure out where we need to put the instruction to load the favicon.



  • Not sure what all the fuss is about on this one. The waiting game is true. Stick the favicon.ico in your root folder, wait a while, it appears in all browsers.

    My favicon shows up in all browsers and I haven't touched the header.php

    The waiting time depends on different sites. I've waited 5 minutes for it to show up, I've waited a day. It always appears eventually.

  • Mukherjee should be right. I opened it today in the morning and it showed up correctly.

    It showed up right in Chrome yesterday because, This was the first thing i opened in Chrome after its installing.

    Thanks every one