Optimize social conections

Hi i´m making a social network for students,

so when they make the registration they have to choose the city they studie.

And what i want to do for my network is just keep in connections useres who study in the same city.

i have to change some plugins with some function or make a plugin who very if they are in the same city.

if yes its show posts and users from the same city.

if Somebody ccan tell me how to do that please tell me! will be great



  • " keep in connections useres who study in the same city "
    " show posts and users from the same city "

    does not sound like an easy code job ;-)
    be ready to be involved with some pretty not-beginner-level Elgg API, PHP, JS.


    "Manter-se em conexões useres que estudam na mesma cidade"
    "Mostrar Mensagens e usuários da mesma cidade"

    não soa como um código de fácil trabalho ;-)
    estar pronto para se envolver com alguma bonita não-novato-nível Elgg API, PHP, JS.

  • I would just use groups as the backend for this and write a nice UI. Groups makes it easy to use a single install and have multiple sub-networks. You could write a plugin hook that prevents people from joining more than 1 group if that is a requirement of your network.

  • what i need is for example, if someone from madrid post a event, only people from madrid see it!

    Add a field for chose the city in registration form and after compare in the plugins, and filter that information.

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