Check User entity with group

Hi All,

i want to check group membership of member in specified group .

check_entity_relationship() function how usefull for group with membrs.

i want to send mail to group members for birthday remainder of that group group member

1.How can i get users groupids, can i check group members to birthdayusers membership,

for ex: friend checking

check_entity_relationship(some guid,'friend',someguid);

Thanks Advance

  • You can get the guid values from the URL of every entities view page. The normal Elgg entity URL is like, where 1234 is the guid. For example the Guid value of this discussion topic is 896393

  • Thanks Webgalli,

    i want to write the cron job for group members birthday remainder , so want to get birthday users group and group members, how can i execute in page.

    i want to send birthday invitation, for birthday members group.

    i have created a plugin like this 

    i got plugin like this ,

    i get whole groups form database and i check members with



    getting group guid



    getting user guid

    if(check_entity_relationship(group guid,'membership_request',user guid) && check_entity_relationship(group guid,'membership_request',birthday user guid));


    i want send mail to every group members in that group




    i want to use above concept in CRON JOB so it`s get in confuse, pls direct me correct way,

    Thanks Advance, 

  • Hi Friends i have implemented group mailing for birthday notifications,

    Use this object getting method

    $all_groups = elgg_get_entities(array("type" => "group", "limit" => false));

    foreach group

    just use Satheesh PM 3 column river activity plugin reference for birthday display

    let me know any need from, 

    done: this things 

    Widget for Birthday remainder in user and group pages.

    mail Remainders for (friends and group options).

    can any one help to make a plugin on this ,


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