HipHop for scalebility?

Most of us hope to have a site that requires us to take into account scale. I know there has been  a few posts about using HipHop. I thought I'd add a little from my research on the topic for others. HPHP is not just a code transformer / translator. It is a broader concept where folks can write code in a simple language and get optimized exectuables. It is not an interpreter like Java or a pseudo interpreter like C#, it is optimized and simple. 

Has anyone played about with this or has any considered thoughts on the matter?
(Dave Recordon: MacVicar:
OpenSource Facebook Developers Website:

HipHop transformer of PHP to C++ 5, 2010) 

Haiping Zhao, the Senior Server Engineer at Facebook, discusses how PHP, an easy to use programming language, can be transformed into semantically equivalent C++ to solve performance problems associated with the language and speed up PHP execution.

Developer Communities for HPHP:
Performance and Scalability

Performance and Scalability

If you've got a need for speed, this group is for you.