hardware for hosting elgg?


I received this reply from a hosting company regarding hosting my elgg site:

"according to the requirements on the elgg homepage, Apache with
mod_php is required to run the engine:

>>PHP 5.2+ needs to be installed as an Apache module (not in CGI mode or safe
mode) with the following libraries:

>>    GD and Freetype (for graphics processing, eg user icon rescaling and Captcha)
>>    JSON (for API functionality)
>>    XML (not installed/compiled by default on all systems)
>>    Multibyte String support (for internationalisation)

Our managed servers however are configured with Apache + PHP via FCGI, this setup
cannot be altered or switched to mod_php, so this could be a showstopper on our
managed servers."

They also said "you will most likely have to run the database off a ramdisk or a solid state
disk to guarantee the IO performance requirements. We currently do not offer SSDs
in our managed servers, so this could be the second showstopper"

Regarding the first problem, does elgg not work with PHP via fastCGI? I thought it does...

And on the second problem, will i really need to run off a ramdisk or a solid state disk?