Integrating elgg with SharePoint

Hi there.  The reason that we chose to investigate elgg for our social networking platform is the fact that SharePoint does not offer this functionality.  To complete our SharePoint collaboration, we need to integrate elgg into SharePoint workspaces so that users can use social networking features.  I saw a post mentioning this but nothing practical to use.  Is there anyone who has done this before and is ready to share?  Any suggestions on how this could be done?  How do we use the SharePoint API's to integrate elgg into our workspace.  I know the easiest way is to create links from withing the SharePoint pages to the elgg site but we're looking at a much deeper and seamless integration. 


  • Sharepoint provides a SOAP web services API. You can write PHP code that calls that API. I have only ever seen proof of concept code for this. You may want to search the web for info on using Sharepoint's API from PHP as there shouldn't be anything Elgg-specific about it.

  • Thanks Cash.  Will google SharePoint API and PHP.