What do you think about Elgg?

What do you think about Elgg?

1. Its been several years since Elgg has surfaced. For these years do you see a significant development in the script?

2. Other competitors have emerged too. Is Elgg well positioned to kick others out of the competition?

3. Its a small community and most first gen developers have already left the platform for good. Will Elgg survive?

4. My Elgg installation with few themes and plugins is already shattered. Is Elgg stable?

5. 1.8 is I think chasing away devs than gathering them around. Why Elgg couldnt become a social sensation like it was once destined? Conservatism?

6. The cashier asked for changes. But the customer replied "sorry, I dont have change.
"sorry mam," cashier replied "we cant go ahead without change"

  • Thanks for the FUD! I think Elgg is pretty cool. I think it does quite a lot out of the box, is pleasant to work on/in, has a really powerful plugin architecture (a really unique views system), has a powerful implementation of access control, and I forsee lots of future opportunity for performance, feature, and UI improvements. I also have a long list of gripes.

    I've just upgraded our internal community from 1.6 to 1.8 and, yes, it's a major improvement, particularly in plugin quality availability and UI.

    Have you tried to get help here w/ fixing your "shattered" Elgg install?