What do you think about Elgg?

What do you think about Elgg?

1. Its been several years since Elgg has surfaced. For these years do you see a significant development in the script?

2. Other competitors have emerged too. Is Elgg well positioned to kick others out of the competition?

3. Its a small community and most first gen developers have already left the platform for good. Will Elgg survive?

4. My Elgg installation with few themes and plugins is already shattered. Is Elgg stable?

5. 1.8 is I think chasing away devs than gathering them around. Why Elgg couldnt become a social sensation like it was once destined? Conservatism?

6. The cashier asked for changes. But the customer replied "sorry, I dont have change.
"sorry mam," cashier replied "we cant go ahead without change"

  • Am I rumbling around here so loud?. No! I am just desperate like the rest

  • is blog the next thing? No, never. Through my experiences online I must say, blogs are dead. Bloggers, in my opinion have become puppets. They with poor quality blogs become jokes everyday. So what is the next thing? Its "Communities". Nothing can beat a community. The worlds biggest community, Facebook have beaten Big G, Google and has become one of the biggest tech IPOs ever.

    Even many blogs are struggling, Wordpress has managed to amaze us. They are even profitable by big bucks. Though niche social networks are on arise, what people at Elgg has given us? Just this crab to fry on our own!. They have failed to attract a vast audience with this limited liability operation

  • Obviously, you don't like any aspect of Elgg. So, why don't you stop this unjustified Elgg bashing, go somewhere else and use any other available social community framework that better suits your needs?

  • Elgg is the best open source platform, it has several awards. You have to recognize that there's a huge difference between elgg 1.7 and 1.8 The Admin panel is better, installation process was improved and we are seeing new plugins being released almost every day. Elgg is very stable, only one time crashed but it was because I was messing around with the database, it was my fault. I tried oxwall, social engine, etc and I found elgg more flexible and well supported.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • "Elgg 1.8: Set No Notifications"

    I must accept, its a nice plugin, even couldnt find such at wordpress.org.

  • @itsme hehehehe, Actually Elgg has many plugins but developers is busy so the plugins is outdated

  • Elgg is not perfect !!!!! BUT other engines too R not !! I have tried almost all of them - Dolphin - Drupal - Social Engine - Oxwall and some others too, BUT elgg is by far the best. I'm not elgg fanatic, but it's a FACT that it is the Best out there !! beside my production site won't be and elgg site if it was not !!

    Where as for the plugins am still asking myself why the useful ones are still not out !!

  • I have tried Oxwall, Buddypress, Moodle, other hosted solutions... I am now trying elgg because unfortunately I don't have money to try things like phpfox. However, I am extremely satisfied with the ease of use so far, and even with my limited coding knowledge I have been able to make some corrections and adjustments to my site when I muck it up. Overall, I would recommend this to others looking for cost effective scripting solutions but only if they are familiar with developing or willing to learn.

  • I like elgg... This is the community/development site, not really a social networking site. The software you modify to your specifications. I don't think we're on the same page as far as what community.elgg.org is...

    I am really just trying different mediums, figuring out how to use them, and then I will determine which I will manage my production site on. What I am most impressed with on elgg is the ease of customization. 

    I am an extreme beginner, and I have been able to navigate through the code wilderness to customize my site. I know if I can, so can you. I'm still getting the hang of it but this is much better than other things I've tried. 

  • To answer, BP had conflicts with a lot of plug ins that I wanted so my site crashed a lot. But I loved that it was easy to customize within the admin panel and on the front end.


    Oxwall did not have enough plug ins! And I didn't have the inspiration to learn how to use it properly. But it did have more of the functions i wanted right out of the box. Moodle was just very basic looking and I didn't work with it long. I didn't use it longenough for pros and cons. Grou.ps was ok, but too costly for all the features I wanted with limited customization. But I'm new to this platform, so I am not trying to sound biased. It seems to be the easiest to customize of all that I've tried without the added price tag.