What would you give to have Tidypics officially supported by the core devs?

I want to start off by saying that this is purely hypothetical on my part. Entertaining this idea for the sake of discussion does not constitute a commitment or pledge of support on the part of the core devs. I should also you know that I have not discussed this with them prior to posting this, so I don't even know where they would stand on this issue.

Tidypics is our most popular plugin, but it has no official maintainers. I also get the sense that people are delaying upgrades to 1.8 because of a strong dependency on Tidypics. That is, some are still waiting to upgrade because Tidypics has not been upgraded. The argument could be made that supporting Tidypics is in the best interest of The Elgg Foundation since not supporting it could be severely detrimental to Elgg's progress and adoption.

So my question is: Do you think there are bundled plugins and/or features of Elgg that we could remove support for without facing the same severely detrimental effect on Elgg's progress and adoption? If so, which ones? I look forward to your thoughts.

  • Very much agree w/ jondron. I was not aware that TPics content was files-incompatible, and both file_tools and group_tools seem essential.

    To venture offtopic, I'd like to work on better documenting the core contribution process, including git/github/trac usage, how to write clear tickets, how to rebase for different branches, etc. I feel like I see a lot of features in 3rd party plugins that might have a good home in the bundled plugins, and we should make the contribution pipeline as efficient as possible for everyone.

    @gillie, work is being planned for more flexible image embedding.

  • @Steve, thanks. I submitted a ticket too in this thread and suggested embed UI, some time ago though.


  • I dont support the removal of any media plugin. media playin is the heart of utility sites. zaudio should stay.Instead let 'twitter api' go

  • Don't let an API go! Site Pages, is the "only" one that need to be deprecated, it supports not so good practices..  

  • I really hope the core developers will support Tidypics, this is the main thing keeping me from upgrading to 1.8. 

    zaudio, bookmarks and categories can be community supported plugins.


  • I am new to elgg and I am loving it

    I am using latest version of elgg with cool theme which is same as facebook theme.

    BUt my suggestion is pictures uploading/ making albums should come with the default script of elgg but I can not see any picture uploading option in the fresh installation of elgg. As I am new to elgg so after searching I found there is a plugin called tidypics which can do that for us.

    But the thing is tidypics plugin does not work for the latest version of elgg.

    Please friends someone help me, I need my users to upload images same as they can do on facebook and other sites, at the moment they can only upload one picuture in the main profile and there r not more options to make albums.

    Is there any working plugin which can enable users to upload photos?

    Please forgive me in advance if my post does not related to this section, hope I would learn more from elgg.


    Kindest Regards


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