Problem of video format

Hi, I have a little problem and maybe you can help me. I'm using version 3.8b of izap video in elgg 1.7.15, all my setup for ffmpeg is made because I'm at hostupon. I can read the test video in AVI format but when I install another format "wmv, flv, mp4" I read the message "video format not supported"
I want to know if I am missing something or not

  • Most shared hosting does not support ffmpeg...

  • I happen to know that HostUpon does support ffmpeg also on shared hosting. Though you might get in trouble when operating an Elgg site on shared hosting at HostUpon due to their CPU limitations ("not more than 10% load for more than 60 sec."). I had to move to VPS for that very reason.

    It's been a while since I last had to configure izap_videos to convert videos. Therefore, I'm not exactly sure about the reason for the error message. It could be caused by the convert command parameters of izap_videos not matching the ffmpeg version requirements. Different versions of ffmpeg require slightly different parameters to define the video and audio codecs to be used. Also, the names of the available video quality presets differ. The error message could also be caused by libraries missing for ffmpeg to work properly.

    Do you have ssh access to your webspace? If yes, you could test out the video conversion with ffmpeg by logging in via ssh. If the conversion does not work via command line with a test video uploaded to the server, you could narrow down the reasons for the conversion to fail to ffmpeg (and to exclude some problems with the izap_videos plugin at least regarding the ffmpeg functionality).

  • I am testing the function but that video mp4 format video does not work.
    What should I do?

    thank you

  • Have you tested the video conversion with ffmpeg on the command line (via ssh access)? Does it work there or not?