Elgg community website speed

Only i am realizng it or some one else too, I am getting community website very fast today, with least delay in responde between link.

These days, I am trying to find way to speed up my Elgg 1.7 site. Even trying the best possible efforts. I am unable to find any way to speed it up.

Any way to speed up elgg, I tried by installing memcache, but may be i am missing some part for activating it. It didn,t help in improving speed of website

Any suggestions please



  • Do you have the APC caching extension installed on your server?

  • One possible bottleneck could be available Input/Output rate for reading/writing to the servers disc storage - mainly reading speed. On VPS I have some guaranteed CPU share, i.e. other VPSes on the same node can't completely block the CPU. But still they can slow down my site by reducing the read rate. When this happened I noticed high values in the "wait" column in the CPU stats in top. Unfortunately, you can't do much to improve this apart from telling your server support about it. In my case the issue got much better when they upgraded the server hardware, i.e. new discs with much higher IO transfer rates.

    You might be able to tune mysql settings to make better use of available ram and being less depending on disc read/write speed. But this might be a lenghty process in increasing/adjusting the various buffers in size.

  • @cash I confirm it from my hosting and let you know. 

    @iionly till now, things i tried are. I installed memchace, installed squid but again same thing misssed activating them part, i do not know how these will help to speed up site.

    I also optimized my sql database table. That seems to have very little effect.

    But still responde time is 3 - 4 seconds between site pages, and for functions like entering admin sections, deleting users are slow. 

    I am using VPS with 3 Gb RAM, asked hosting provider to optimize my VPS. disabled almost every less important plugin. 

    Improvement was of 3 - 4 seconds in comparison to earlier 5 - 7 seconds. With only one or two users online.

    As browsing through community website today, the respond time is fraction of a second. Pretty imprerssed actually. 


  • Cash i installed APC caching extension  and diasables memcache. 

    But still no effect. how do i configure Elgg to get APC working

  • If you have performance issues with only 1 or 2 people on your site I don't think you can expect much performance gain by using any caching. It's more likely that there is something that slows down your site. This could be either a hardware issue (and then only your hoster might be able to change that), it could be a basic config issue (apache, php, mysql) or maybe some plugin slows down your site.

    If it's caused by some plugin(s) you can identify the issue by disabling any 3rd party plugins to see if the site loads better. If it's a server hardware or config issue you need to thoroughly investigate the config files and keep an eye on the server load.

  • I tried with disabling all plugins, and enabled only important one's 

    it improved performance to reducing responde time by 1 second

    Nothing close to instant response like elggt community site

  • try some of those remarks:

    btw, I never got response time on community site lower than 2 seconds - 1 second is already very good, but that may be just me.

    You may also think about switching from Apache to Nginx, although improvement in speed loading time won't be very high.


    btw, you don't have to configure Elgg to cache APC, you can only configure APC to cache Elgg well. You can experiment with different settings, there are some that are much better than others.

  • Thanks Mike for help.

    For me expeience on community site is very fast these days. Therefore i am trying serious efforts for improving speed of my installation.

  • There's a difference between optimizations for high traffic (what Mike's remarks are aiming at) and getting the server to run smoothly for low to medium traffic. Your server specs should be more than enough for quite a few members being active at the same time. If your site is slow even with only a few members being active I would rather say the basic configuration of your server is not good (in this case you could maybe improve performance) or the VPS is not configured correctly or is overloaded. If the VPS is overloaded you can basically one move to another host. If the VPS is not configured correctly, you might not be able to use your VPS hardware specs completely. The problems could be due to slow I/O bandwidth (which will kill mysql performance and as a consequence will slow down Elgg a lot). Also, bad routing on your webhoster side could slow down response time on server requests (http / mysql).

    You need to test on your own where the bottleneck most likely is. Your webhoster might say everything is alright but maybe the support people simply are too lazy to really get deep into the matter.

    If you have ssh access on your server, log in to  terminal session and monitor the server load, CPU load, memory usage etc. with the "top" command for a while. Is the load high? If the CPU load shows high values in the "wa" column your server processes are slowed down by other things on your server node (I/O processes or routing could be possible causes).

    What's with phpmyadmin? Do you see a high number of slow queries? On the one hand this could be a sign of a bad mysql configuration. On the other hand the slow queries could also be causes by a badly configured server.

  • Iionly  as i told by my hosting provider, i am on 100 mbps port. As i told i have 3 gb of RAM.

    I had also tried by changing provider earlier, but it didn't really solved the problem. i had used XEN VPS with 512 RAM but with even single user responde was 4 - 5 seconds, sometimes 7 seconds.

    Also whenever site user online reaches naer to 17 - 22 mysql server crashed. then some people get kicked out buy this and site again comes online.

    I thought it is a RAM issue, moved to a more poerful server, but responese time still 4 seconds. 

    This is my third host with more dedicated RAM, high speed port. For me ususally testing responde of server is through FTP. And i found server very fast than others in FTP. But it is an openvz. Support had also optimized performance of VPS on myrequest.

    I try to found truth on my own.

    On my XEN VPS i found on new test installations, with tidypics, but without Izap and few other, response was very fast. 

    But i was not able to replicate it on production site.

    Can you tell me how check in phpmyadmin for slow queries. A;so in ssh. 

    I am trying to find commands for checking sessions.