Need Help in chat plugin..

Hi friends,

I just made a plugin to integrate php free chat to elgg 1.8 (I know its already there for 1.7).. the plugin structure is like this


|_ languages


|_ pages






        |_other folders and files










I want to call the index.php file inside the vender/phpfreechat/ in chat.php file of views/default/pages/

I can do that using inframes and its working, But i want to call using the elgg_view how its possible?

Also in mod/page/index.php i added the following code:

switch ($vars['page']) {
        case 'commands':
        $content = elgg_view('page/commands');
    case 'chat':
        $content = elgg_view('page/chat');

if I change the phpfreechat folder to views/default/page/ and change the

$content = elgg_views("page/phpfreechat/index") its not loading...

Any idea y?
thanks for your help...