What the limit of characters in one blog or page article?

I started a new blog article, copy a large text, paste it into textarea, then publish a blog post, in result - my text was cuted...

So, What the limit of characters in one blog or page article?

How can i publish a large text in one blog or page post?

  • It's a TEXT column using the MyISAM engine, but can't get a straight answer out of the MySQL docs. My guess would be a little less than 65535 bytes (and that includes HTML characters).

  • Can i change TEXT column to MEDIUMTEXT to have an ability for posting a more  largest texts? 

  • @Evgenity  If you need to store much more data than is allowed with TEXT data type, yes you can do this!   

    The maximum amount of data that can be stored in each data type is as follows:
    TINYTEXT          256 bytes      
    TEXT                 65,535 bytes     ~64kb
    MEDIUMTEXT      16,777,215 bytes     ~16MB
    LONGTEXT         4,294,967,295 bytes     ~4GB

    As all TEXT types are stored outside the database table itself, this does not make a difference regarding peformance.  The difference is just about more 1-4 bytes needed to point to this external storage.  Each type of TEXT data type stores additional bytes representing the length of each value: 1 byte for TINYTEXT, 2 bytes for TEXT, 3 bytes for MEDIUMTEXT, 4 bytes for LONGTEXT.

    By default, Wordpress uses LONGTEXT for content (column: post_content). Therefore, this perfectly fullfill all requirements of content authoring and management as a CMS system.

    I don't know the reason why Elgg does not use LONGTEXT datatype in elg_datalists table.

    Suggestion: if LONGTEXT datatype will not be the default (like in Wordpress), then this could be a configuration option while installing elgg.  What do you think guys?