Elgg network plugin?

I need a network plugin for Elgg, there's anyone?

The things I need to do are this, lets say I have 2 networks, Spanish and USA:

-If a user joins a network, can ONLY see the groups, forum post an activity from his network.

-The language is changed according to the network

There's something like that? I couldn't find it on the search.

  • 200 days is a longgg time ;-) very patient;;-oO
    sure - something like that can be done..
    just need some knowhow of the elgg api`s,
    php code skiils.. and some time, patience, hard work.


  • Maybe I don't fully understand what you are looking for, but...

    If you want your users to only see either the Spanish or English content anyway, why don't you create two different sites for them? These sites could be the same regarding installed plugins and only differ by the site language. You could use a static html site as entry point (mydomain.url) that allows which network to join (spanish.mydomain.url or english.mydomain.url). Done...


  • You can even forward the user automatically to the right site according to the language detection.

    Maybe you need to rephrase your question. If you're looking for federation (i.e., one user accesses two distinct sites, but each site can share contents with the other one), then it's a completely different matter. If you want 2 sites each in a distinct datacenter, you need 2 setups. If they're served from the same machine, either you can use the built-in site feature (although I've never used it, so I don't even know if it works), or you can share the Elgg code between 2 (or more) instances, each domain with its own database, and configuration file.