General structure

Hi to all.
Looking at the structure I noticed that the elgg app is under a community subdomain, then there is blog subdomain.
Is this a recommended way ?
Which cms tool is used for the root, and for  ?

  • Is this the right place where post this type of questions ?

  • This is a great place for this type of discussion.

    How you organize your domains really depends on your app. If you are running a facebook-type site, I'd say just install Elgg on your root domain. If you are adding a community to an existing enterprise, it might make more sense to put the community software on a subdomain.

    Our blog is on a different subdomain but still runs on Elgg (a different install from the community, mind you). We have considered merging it with the community site so that people can comment without us having to maintain the webservices link b/w the blog and one of the groups here, but we still want to maintain the official-ness of it -- i.e. it's not a community blog, not just anyone can post.

  • Thanks Evan for you good explanation.