Add a navigation bar like on Elgg Site for integration

elgg navi

hey there...

so you know how elgg has this fancy nav bar that runs across the site. the commuinty is just one tab?

i'd reeeeealy like to have that for my website, i really would. yet, i can't seem to find any documentation or tutorials to make that happen.

does anybody have  a clue on how to do this?

thanks so much.


(i left this comment in the theme development group...sorry, wasn't sure about the most appropriate place to start this conversation)

  • @ jennine  I'm no egg expert, having only been using it for 10 days or so but the nearest I found to what you describe above plugin wise was the following;

    Tabbed Dashboard

    I understand it may not be what you want, but thought I would let you know about it since I found it the other day. Not sure I like it only giving the user the ability to create the tabs but then again, if that plugin's feature is marketed and explained it's usage right on your live end user elgg site; I see no reason why it couldn't do a nice job for you (and mine when i get round to playing about with it)


  • @rob ooh well you've been using elgg longer than me!

    well, the dashboard plugin only works on the dashboard, I was looking for something more in the header..

    @skot...your plugin looks awesome! i wish i could use it, but my mac is rejecting this particular zip. oy vey.


  • I made that on a Mac. there are two zips also. once you unzip it the first time you will need to unzip the other file inside the folder also. Then that is the folder that is put into the mod folder. If you still have troubles, let me know and I can email you another copy.