Plugin order

elgg 1.8.4. As recommended I have placed the Elgg Dev Tools plugin to the top of the plugin list  but whenever I revisit the list it is 2nd from the top. Why should that happen?

  • After a week of no answers to this I tried to get an answer on the googlegroups discussions where I assumed core devs hangout who may be able to answer my question. 

    Sadly a pedantic chap spent time to explain to me that I was "double posting" but by providing a link to my original post so that they could answer the question in the community is not "double posting". So whilst that chap is using my tissue on the back of his ear, would someone prove him right when he says,,, "the community is the place for these type of questions"... and give me an answer. Before I'm banned for bumping. :-(|)

  • does that 1st, 2nd position really really bother you ? ;-P i just put DevTools @top on my 185 && it stays there ;-) but if it did not.. N/P ;-oO Life (still!) goes on..

  • Nope, doesn't bother me one bit, I just needed to know if I should be concerned or not. So I and any others who may experience similar, now know. Thanks.