I found a gem! assign roles to 1.7.x

Hello People, I have always said that elgg is the best framework for creating a community, but something I've always been looking for a module to designate moderators if it grows the community.

There are several plugins that emulate or try to make that function such as "iapprove" and recently saw one called "Roles" unfortunately is for v1.8.x and elgg users of version 1.7.x can not implement it.

do not want to bore you with the subject (many users like me have that concern / need) so I want encourage the more experts give their opinion and contribute conclusively to resolve once and for all this issue especially for v1. 7.x

Without further ado I want to introduce:

searching and searching, I found at least what promises to make this plugin would benefit many managers elgg communities .. if anyone can adapt it and shares it with the community would be helpful .. as it is for v1.5.x, but I think changing some parameters, specifically the CSS and tokens can be adapted more easily, I'm not good programming (yet) lol, but I am a good analyst and creative.

short description:

This plugin does three things:

- It allows admins to create, edit and delete roles through a "Manage roles"
link added to the admin sidebar.

- It allows admins to assign roles to specific users through a form added to
the admin area of each user profile page (one checkbox per role).

- it adds each role to the access control dropdown box so that any user
(not only admins) can restrict the visibility of content to users with a
specific role.


plugin "developed" (published) by Dave Tosh

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