hello world and some things about elgg 1.8.4


i'm developing a site with elgg 1.8.4. i like it and i make you my compliments about it.

i'm using only as a starting point the plugin "hypeEvent" (i noted that some plugins aren't supported by developers) for a shared organizer, which i'm integrating with SabreDAV (a php only dav server that exposes also caldav functions). i'm reached to integrate in some way with elgg. probably i've not to load all plugins for launching it...

"a problem" that i have now, i've see that in the site is used the jquery-ui but it'snt localized. 

it's right to modify js/lib/ui.js: elgg.ui.initDatePicker and add some row about, for example:

$.datepicker.regional['it']=... ?

or it's the wrong place?

for integrating with sabre, in the index.php of the "server cal directory", i included a modified version of /elgg-1.8.4/engine/start.php

it's correct? or it's better to integrate it in a "mod" of elgg?

for authentication, i used elgg_authenticate, elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid(), global $SESSION (all CalDAV requests are HTTP 401 Authorizations, so if the session is timedout i can reauthenticate with credentials of http client).

i make a lot of use of translation editor for italian translation. if someone needs it i can send you the translations.

waiting your comments,

best regards