Looking for Developer to help me get to an Alpha Release

Hello fellow Elggers, I'm currently working on a believe it or not "new social network", hehe... of course I am. The reason I'm posting is that I'm looking for a London based developer or two who are interested in helping me get my project to an alpha stage. In return I can only offer Equity in the company. 

I don't anticipate it taking more than about 1-2 months of part-time dev work if there's a few of us working on it.

Rather than doing it all myself I know it will come out better with others helping me so I'm reaching out.

I'd like to keep it local to London so that we can meetup in person, but I might be open to Skype sessions.

Ideally people with good design and ux skills would be the best complement to my marketing and product dev background.

Thanks for any feedback!

Professional Services

Professional Services

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