Blog 1.8 and new journals plugin


I am creating a journal plugin where there is a group of editors that publish things and the journal is publicly accesible.

The main object is a journal (an ElggObject). The journal object is the container for many objects (ElggObject).

$journal = new ElggObject();
$journal->title = get_input('title', '');
$journal->description = get_input('description','');
$journal->subtype = "journal";
$journal->access_id = 2;

I have integrated the blog plugin which is perfect to publish things on the journals. I add new blogs to the journal doing:


Where 55 is the GUID of a journal object.

Am I using it correctly? In that case, the breadcrumb is not correctly written.

I propose the following change:

In blog/lib/blog.php, line 40, add (or something similar):

    if (elgg_instanceof($container, 'group')) {
        elgg_push_breadcrumb($crumbs_title, "blog/group/$container->guid/all");
    } else if (elgg_instanceof($container, 'object')) {
        elgg_push_breadcrumb($container->title, $container->getSubtype() . "/view/$container->guid");
    } else {
        elgg_push_breadcrumb($crumbs_title, "blog/owner/$container->username");

Best regards

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