PCL-NC - Modifying existing plugins for additional functionalities and compatible to ver 1.8.4


I would like to hire an experienced Elgg programer to modify two existing plugins as below:

1. Modify the "Login by Email Only" plugin to be compatible with Elgg 1.8.4.


Concerns: My site is using 2-byte characters. In Elgg, when users register their accounts by using 2-byte characters in their "Username", their accounts cannot work properly. While there is no problem to use 2-byte characters in "Display Name" in Elgg. "Login by Email Only" plugin basically automatically generates username by using the Display Name so when a user use 2-byte characters in her/his Display Name, the accounts will not work properly. So I would like this can be modified to generate Username randomly by using alphmeric characters, not base on the Display Name.


2. Modify "Ads Rotator 1.8" to show the Ads which accommodate with the locations (countries) where the users are. Such as, display India sponsers' Ads to users locate in India, China Ads to users in China, Japan Ads to users in Japan...


Besides, (1) when I use this plugin together with "3 Column River Activity" plugin, the header Ad will not be displayed in Activity page. Please modify it to show header Ads in "3 Column River Activity" plugin. (2) Sometimes, the Ads do not rotate until user hover their mouse to the Ad area. And the rotation time is not correct. I would like this to be fixed as well.

3 Column River Activity plugin:



I hope the first one can be done as soon as possible, and the second one can be waited.

And as long as you allow me to, I am happy to share these accomplishments in this site when they are done.

Please let me know if any one who is interested in this project needs any further information. Thank you.


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