Elgg 1.8.4 User directory Help

Hi everyone!

finally got Elgg installed and am trying to find where i can upload my elgg 1.7.6 user database into elgg 1.8.4 to merge my 500 userbase from elgg 1.7.6 version of my site.

Anyone know? Thanks in advance!

  • Its not possible. First import your 1.7.6 to a new Db and then connect your 1.8 installation with the 1.7.6 DB and run the upgrade.php

  • Well that sucks. :(

    Currently, my files are organized as...

    (folder) <..>

    (folder) ..

    (folder) data - in here is the new selected user database for elgg 1.8.4 currently installed

    (folder) data1 - completely empty, but should have 1.7.6 user database? or ALL of elgg 1.7.6 like before my fresh install.

    (folder) pub - Elgg 1.8.4 Files, including mod directory. etc....



    Thanks again for your help!

  • I think you mix up a few things here.

    First, there's the "Elgg data directory" and then there's the "Elgg database" (a mysql database). Your "data" folder is the data directory of your Elgg site (you were asked during installation where this directory is on your server and you can also check/change the path in the Advanced settings of the admin section on your site). You were also asked during installation about the connection parameters of your mysql database (username, database name, password...). These parameters are saved in the file settings.php in the "engine" subfolder (in your case pub/engine/settings.php.

    When you upgrade an existing Elgg site you can continue to use the old data directory and database to keep your users and the files they might have uploaded (which are saved in the data directory). Actually, you don't touch the data directory or the database but simply replace the files in your Elgg root directory with the new Elgg installation.

    I guess you made a new install with a new database and new data directory. If you want everything from your old installation back, you first need to find out where the old data directory is (if it has not yet been deleted) and what connection parameters were used for the old database (if it's still available on your server). It could then work in the following (this is but surely not the standard way to achieve it): change the path to your data directory in the advanced settings on your site. Then edit settings.php to restore the connection parameters to your old database. Then run http://yoursite.url/upgrade.php. One problematic point here is that you might had plugins installed in your old site that are not available on your new site. You could install them before you change data directory path and settings.php.

    If you only want your users back, there is another way, but it will really only bring back the users and not any content they might have added: http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/852868/developer/arckinteractive/csv-user-upload. To be able to re-create the users you need to have them in a usable form though (csv list file).

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