chinese hacker flood my site's blog!

i manage it to get them out by going into the database and search for the user's guid.

  • I've also similar problem where several userself register and load tons of blog and bookmarks.

    There should be an admin authorization and a mass cancellation.

  • If you delete the user, all of their content is deleted also

    There are a number of anti-spam plugins floating around also.  If you're not using them you probably should be.

  • There is also a plugin (maybe on github) from Brett or Evan for mass user management.

  • @Ivan True!

    @Matt I had them installed (spam plugins) but didnt activate them cuz i was testing some stuff and in the case of deleting the "user" there was no "user" in my admin dashboard or in the database thats what puzzled me...

    @Trajan i will look into that plugin...