Error after the installation of HypeForum 1.8 in elgg 1.8


when I'm trying to activate HypeForum 1.8 in elgg 1.8 I get an internal server error. I had no problems with the installation of HypeFramework 1.8.5 before.


Fatal error: Call to undefined function hj_framework_path_shortcuts() in /home/www/elgg/mod/hypeForum/start.php on line 24


I tried it local with xmapp (latest version) and remote (apache 2 + 1 and PHP 5.3 + 5.2). I'm getting the same error everytime after activating HypeForum...


I would be happy if someone could help me.


Thanks, Dennis

  • I also had this error a few times.  I also use Xampp for Windows...and after like the 5th fresh install of Elgg and HypeFramework...HypeForums worked fine.  I no longer use it, perfering to use "Groups", "Featured Groups", "Sub Groups", and "Threaded Discussions" as a forum alternative.  I like the look and layout of HypeForum...but I wish there was a way to integrate it more with "Files" and "Groups"...since "Group Discussions" are pretty much the same thing as "Forum Topics".


    But good luck in getting it was always touch and go for me.  Also when I did have it working it gave me errors when trying to delete a topic or forum I had created.  Just a heads up...