Just joined Elgg 1.8.3 hard time understanding how it works

I may come off as a dummy, but I'm trying to figue out how it works to customize . I understand that plugins go in the mod folder and have to be activated throught the admin portal. I know that one could use plugins to custumize one's page and apply themes. I know that the core files are not to be deleted or altered. My problem is that I tried for several hours to apply a theme and it was just not working. I tried putting it at the bottom of the plug in list, clearing cache. and nothing. can someone please help me. Also, is it okay to alter the code of PHP's as long as they're not in the "core" folder?

  • Ideally, you shouldn't alter any files for plugins that you aren't the author of.  When you make changes it breaks the upgrade path, the core is the most vital part of it, but the same applies for community plugins too - if you change things, then update to a newer release you'll lose your changes.  Sometimes you don't have a choice, but most of the time you can do everything in a separate "tweaks" plugin.

    Regarding your theme - what is it that you've done, and what isn't working?

  • well I wanted to test a theme so I chose an atomic plug in. It didn't take effect on the site itself. 

  • i'm wondering if it has something to do with version compatibility. 

  • Make sure you dont have any other theme below the new theme in the plugin order list. In elgg that last loaded plugin will override the previous views. Also try to clear your cache and run the upgrade.php script.

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