Overwrite default profile & group icons

  • Have a look at one of my example themes, they include a directory in default/views/icon - which contains the overrides for default avatars and group avatars. One file for each size you wish to override, in the format:

    echo $vars['url'] . "mod/theme_name/graphics/group_icons/defaultlarge.gif";
  • Those override files aren't working for some reason.
    I downloaded your 'Blue Rounded' theme a week ago and have been using it as a template.
    The theme is showing blue icons (elgg defaults), not the black ones that the override files are supposed to be pointing to.
    Maybe I tweaked something I shouldn't have?
    This may relate to my confusion about how mod/theme_name/views/default/groups/css.php is supposed to override mod/groups/views/default/groups/css.php (as it doesn't right now).
    Going a bit crazy...

  • Also, no matter what theme I install, none of the mod css overrides work.
    /mod/theme_name/views/default/groups/css.php is NOT overriding /mod/groups/views/default/groups/css.php
    /mod/theme_name/views/default/file/css.php is NOT overriding /mod/file/views/default/file/css.php

    Could this have anything to do with elgg being installed in a directory?

  • Another example:
    /mod/theme_name/views/default/icon/group/default/small.php is NOT overriding /mod/groups/views/default/icon/group/default/small.php

  • Duh...
    I had my theme at the top of my tools list for easy switching--gotta have it at the bottom so that it loads after the mods.