Edit default elgg login page

Can anyone tell me the path to the file for editing the default elgg 1.8.3 login page please .......

  • Are you looking for the login box itself or the whole page.


    If you don't have custom_index or any other plugins like that installed, just edit the index.php of your Elgg directory.

    Take a look at my ElggPanel plugin. You can customize the home page.


    The form can be edited in views/default/forms/login.php of your elgg directory.

  • I wanted to put a picture, put it does not appear......


    I searching for the login box where it's written


    Privace terms about

    it is not found in the login.php file

  • Please do not edit the index.php of your Elgg directory. Don't touch core files!!!

    The custom_index plugin should do what you need.

  • @Trajan, it is not found in the index.php !! An custon index plugin don't change the ""welcome"

  • @Anthony - it looks like you're using a custom theme that is overwriting the view, since privacy/terms/about is not usually part of the login box.  I assume you're creating a new plugin to put this code into, make sure it's the bottom-most plugin and that your file in views/default/forms/login.php is in the exact directory structure.  You will probably want to copy that file from your theme and just make changes to it instead of rewriting it from scratch.

  • @Matt Beckett

    Sorry for the late reply. No I'm not using any particular theme. In the configuration panel of elgg 1.8.3 (Installed from scratch) I go to :-




    Advanced Settings

    Restrict pages to logged-in users

    and I put a tick next to Restrict pages to logged-in users

    Once that is done you log out. You then got a box where the privacy/terms/about is on your left next to login.

    And in the path views/default/forms/login.php there is nothing about privacy/terms/about position and so on.

  • Anthony, if you restrict pages to logged-in users then you have a private network.

    In this case, your default login page is the following:

    <your elgg website>/views/default/page/walled_garden.php

    Your theme plugin should override this page

    <your elgg website>/mod/mycooltheme/views/default/page/walled_garden.php

    To customize the login box itself you need to override the default login form:

    <your elgg website>/views/default/forms/login.php

    with your own one in your theme plugin:

    <your elgg website>/mod/mycooltheme/views/default/forms/login.php



  • @Elggcloud

    Thank you for the info, I'll work it work. Really appreciated !

  • You can change the login page at /views/default/core/walled_garden/login.php

  • Hi, I'm new at this, so if I want to change the default login page, by changing some names like instead of Log In having Sign up; or having Keep me logged instead of Remember me; and want to change the positions of some of the names like putting Lost password in front of the box of Password, I need to make a new pluggin or to go change the /views/default/forms/login.php 

    Thank you