How do I remove the mandatory email field in user registration page?

Self explanatory...How do I remove the mandatory email field in user registration page?  I attempted to remove the field itself, as I do not have email activation on, and usually delete the plugin itself, but it still shows up as a requirement for registering.  All I want on the registration field is the username and password...thats it.  Any help?

  • I imagine it can be done...slightly off-topic, how would your site contact users via email if you don't save their email? (The email field in profile is not the same as the one on registration page)

  • im not intending to do any of that...I do not even have an smtp server for email set up on my server.  im not really looking to make a big site, just a small social site for me and my friends to upload our own pics and videos.  more of a hobby for me right now, but i figured if i am not going to use it, get rid of it.  keep it simple.  plus im sure there are plenty of people who may be interested to know this as well.

  • i have been to another elgg site where the owner did exactly this, however he has not replied back to me as to how he did it.

  • i looked through that thread and found some good tips, but still havent figured it out.  especially since i am using the profile manager plugin and the registration control plugin.  profile manager to add and remove fields in the profile, and registration control to force users to be joined to a specific group upon joining.  so between those two plugins and the core elgg files which i know are a "no no"...its a little hard to track down.  I did manage to get the field removed from the page, however upon submission i get a failure message due to an unknown error.

  • The error is because the action file is looking for an email input and you've taken it away. This isn't a problem, it just means you're half way through. If you go back and read that thread that TW mentioned you'll spot some talk about extending actions etc. have a look at that stuff again.