LF skilled Elgg developer for Cyber-Activist.org - Exciting new project to help save the world!

$xxx payment available *or* a significant percentage ownership in the website available, dependant on level of participation. 


Cyber-Activist.org will be a global organization dedicated to raising awareness about important global issues, including sustainability, species conservation, human rights, political corruption, health, environmental protection, and countless others.


Cyber-Activist.org will be a social news portal fully integrated with facebook and the social web.  Its slogan will be (something like) “Stuff Worth Sharing” or, “The Frontier of Digital Democracy”.  Users will submit links to the site to raise awareness about issues that are important to them, and share links they find there on facebook and twitter.  They will be able to vote on links or “Activate” them, ranking them by a combination of the number of “Activations”, facebook shares, retweets, comments (similar to digg/reddit etc), and there will be some editorial control over this as well.  You will be needed to develop this functionality.


As well as a news portal, there will be a ‘petitions’ section with embedded petitions where users can vote on their importance, share and sign without having to leave the site. 


There will be a “species saving device” which you will develop (it’s quite simple).  Captivating images of endangerd species will rotate in a box which if clicked will take user to a petition/donation page to help save that species.


Another feature will be an “Activist rank”  system where users gain points based on their activity.  This will involve a facebook app developed by you so a user can display their Activist rank and latest cyber-activism on their facebook timeline in a widget or on their website.  This app along with the facebook integration (need to be able to log in with facebook, have faebook comments on site, have a facebook recommendations box, and this app) means you need to be experienced in facebook development.


There are already elgg plugins designed for some of the above features, but they don't quite do what I want them to do, or are too basic.  For example the "species saving device" will simply use the ads rotator plugin, I just need the size the box to be changed.  For the link ranking more work will be needed as I can't find a similar plugin.  For the activist points there is a similar elgg plugin but it isn’t quite adequate, perhaps it can be modified instead of starting from scratch.


I also need a sleek, cool, simple design made for the whole site.  If you are a skilled web designer and can do this too, great.  Your percentage of ownership of the site will reflect your contribution.  If you are part of a skilled development team and want take this project on board I would be thrilled to work with you.  There are a couple of premium elgg themes I have my eye on, but they will still need modifying even if I go for them and I need a super-cool logo designed too.


My future vision of this site has 100,000s of users.  Once the site is popular enough I plan to call for volunteer writers from the user base and bring a large part of the content in-house.  There will be a blog which I will author too in the earlier stages. 


There is a *huge* market for this!  The Occupy movement, the Venus Project, Zeitgeist movement and Anonymous will relish being able to share links to their causes here.  Other more 'traditional' environmentalists, conservationists and activists will also be catered to.  With such a cool name and purpose everyone will want to be a Cyber-Activist! 

The social network integration will allow traffic to Cyber-Activist.org to explode so this is well worth getting on board at the early stages.


There are a plethora of apps we could develop for this in the future including apps for mobile devices, such as using GPS for organization of protests, but that is quite far in the future. 


Monetization methods (not implemented for at least 6 months):


-            Affiliate store for ‘alternative’ food products and natural remedies and interesting books, art work.

-            Cyber-activist gear such as t-shirts and physical protest banners and stickers.

-            Tents at music festivals and protests to receive donations and sell stuff and sign volunteers up up etc.

-            Occupy movement, Venus Project, Zeitgiest (and other similar groups) are owned by no one, we can create products/t-shirts with their logos on.

-            Member donations to keep it ad free

-            Premium accounts with extra features.

-            Could partner with health food shops (more 'pie in the sky, but good to have some big long-term ambitions!).  Activist points could be introduced at supermarkets and health food shops where cyber-activists earn activist points by buying sustainable sourced food (‘activist approved e.g. msc approved fish, organic veg, local etc).

 - Ads (if all else fails).


There's some rather far-fetched ideas in there, but I'm illustrating that I have an eye on the detail of *here* and *now* as well as a highly adaptable long term vision.


Sites like this *can* and *do* make a different to the physical world.  For example Avaaz.org.  "Avaaz is closing the gap between the world we have and the world we want, one campaign at a time."  Take a look at their success stories: http://www.avaaz.org/en/highlights--media-and-internet.php


Cyber-Activist.org will encourage the signing of these important petitions, which *do* make a difference.  This is essentially a labour of love, but I am a firm believer that monetization can be done at the same time without selling out and diluting the principles the site is based around.


My role will be on the ‘ideas end’ of the design, directing the development, as well as SEO, marketing and authoring blog posts.


Please reply if you are interested and tell me why you want to develop Cyber-Activist.org.  I will also need to see a portfolio.  Please let me know if you are working on any other projects and how much time per day you can dedicate, and where you are based. 


Please ask any questions you may have.


Looking forward to working with you!


Matthew Jones


P.S.  I own cyber-activsit.com, .org and .net.

A more detailed specification will be provided to the chosen party, with open discussion on the best way to do things, this is just an outline.

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