Elgg localhost install very slow and CPU consuming

I installed elgg on my windows laptop (with up-to-date performance specs) and I run it in localhost using xamp. My wonder is that everytime I load a page my xamp server turns crazy, my cpu load flies to the roof for a while, and the page is very slow to be displayed (even with little content in page and caching on). I am not sure if it is related to apache or mysql. My question is: Is there a specific configuration for xamp to achieve normal page loading without heavy cpu load?

  • I use xampp for local development in elgg and I haven't had any of those issues - nothing special either - default config.  Is it the case for a clean elgg installation or do you have a bunch of plugins installed?  It's possible that a poorly programmed plugin could be getting caught in a loop or using an external resource (via curl perhaps) that is hanging and timing out silently.

    Check you error logs - C:\xampp\apache\logs\errors.log

  • I've found that anti-virus software can really hog CPU cycles when running Elgg locally.

  • After deactivating all of my plugins and activating them one by one it seems that part of the problem (if it is one) comes from plugins calling elgg_load_js. This routine seems to be quite resources consuming. there are several ways of loading js in a page using elgg (elgg_load_js, elgg_extend_view, link) What is the better practice? Also should elgg_register_simplecache_view be used for every js and css views?

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