Kaltura Video plugin for Elgg 1.8

I'm working on converting the kaltura_video plugin for Elgg 1.8 and I would need opinions from people who have experience of using the Elgg 1.7 plugin or the Kaltura video server.

I have changed the plugin to use HTML5 <video> tags instead of <object> tags. The plan is to completely give up using Flash for video playback. I'm thinking about using video.js player to increase the compatibility between different browsers. With video.js I have managed to get mp4 videos to work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9, IE8 and even IE7. The videos also seem to work on most modern mobile devices. Kaltura's own KDP (Kaltura dynamic player) didn't work nearly as well as video.js.

The original kaltura_video plugin used Kaltura's VideoMix content type. I suppose that this was because it is possible to edit these videos through web brower using Kaltura's video editor widget. Currently I'm using MediaEntry type instead. This is the top level video entry and the different VideoMixes and video flavors are created under this type. Using MediaEntry type would allow the user to select the video format and quality. User could for example choose between low resolution or HD videos.

I'm relatively new with Kaltura so I'm not completely sure which content type should be used with Elgg. I wonder if the end users really have the need to actually edit videos in Elgg. In my opinion having the possibility to choose between the video flavors is more important.

Currently I'm using Kaltura CE version 3. I'll propably update soon to version 5. Does anyone have experienxe of it? I wonder if the version 5 has better support for HTML5 or any other clear advantages which could help developing the Elgg plugin.

Opinions? Advice? Feature requests?